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About us

We are a family run shop established in November 2012, where we are thoroughly enjoying being a part of life on Haworth Main Street.

We sell fabulous chocolate from many of the cocoa producing countries of the world. Our most popular chocolate consists of Salted Toffee and Coconut Oil truffles - if you walk past the shop, you will probably have had a delicious sample thrust into your hand! Many of the products in the shop are also listed in this on-line shop.

If in Haworth, do come in and try the chocolate. I have samples to try of the fabulous Willie's Cacao dark chocolate (from 71% right up to 100%), alternatively, be brave and give the chilli chocolate a go - the extreme chilli chocolate uses Bhut Jolokia chillies from the Nagga family (1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units!).

Opening hours and contact details are listed below, as are our social media connections - Follow us, Like us, or just pop in and say hello :-)