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What a blessing to be in Haworth

Bronte Haworth Yorkshire

I am quite captivated being here in Haworth. For those who think what a lovely place to live, I can almost say that it certainly is - 'Almost' because I don't, but would like to. 

When I look out of the door of the shop, I often see someone stop to photograph the view. This usually shakes me out of my complacency as I realise what a blessing this place is.

There are, of course, real lives being lived out here, with struggles and all that life throws at us. We lost two characters in the past fortnight, both of whom will be missed. We also enjoy meeting the newer residents born on or near Main Street, and enjoy watching them grow from helpless babes, gaining independence, often much faster than we would like.

Haworth has so much to offer these people, the visitors that trek over to Haworth for the day throughout the year to visit the place that they often came to as children, and our international guests representing so many different countries and continents, many who come to visit the place where their favourite novels were written. And all these people really do enrich my life certainly and, I hope, those of my neighbours.

We are blessed with many attractions here, not least the wonderful moorland that starts behind the houses on one side of Main Street and stretching for many miles; the fabulous Bronte Parsonage with so much history as well as the novels of Charlotte, Emily and Anne; the preserved steam railway running from the local town of Keighley, up the Worth Valley through Haworth to its' terminus at Oxenhope.

One of many events that I treasure here is, after many guests have gone their separate ways and the street is quiet of people, the rooks fly over to roost in the trees of Haworth Church.

Forgive my unstructured rambling,there is so much I could add, but I do love it here.

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