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Haworth gets back to 2016 after filming

Bronte Haworth Sally Wainwright To Walk Invisible Yorkshire

After months of planning and weeks of preparation, filming of the scenes on Main Street for 'To Walk Invisible' took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Following this build up, the return to normality has been swift.

For each pair of photographs, the first was taken on Tuesday/Wednesday, the second today (Saturday)

The Sally Wainwright TV film, 'To Walk Invisible' is a drama based on the Bronte family. It is due to be aired as a two hour TV film at Christmas time.

No samples of ironmonger's products were given... I will, however, be keeping the new dark brown paint on the window frames.

The envisaged ironmonger of the 1840s returns to a 2016 chocolate shop. It was actually the first bank in the village, dating back to the 1750s.

Parking restrictions quickly set back in place

Looking back up Haworth Main Street from the ironmonger / chocolate shop

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  • rhonda on

    Amazing transformation, can’t help feeling how good and earthy it all looked back then.Had I a shop there I would have loved to keep it as it was during filming .Certainly add to the tourist attractions..

  • Billy Kane (Security) on

    We came,we changed,we returned thank you all for your help and patience in the making of a wonderful story

  • Jane on

    Fantastic pictures Simon

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