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Prompted by a message from an online customer asking me to reduce the amount of bubble wrap used in the parcels that we send out, all external packaging is now paper or cardboard based.  The only time it isn't is when we are recycling packaging that has been received (this being a better option than merely binning it).

We are working at being more responsible within the shops too. Bags used for packing, with the exception of tray bags, are all biodegradable.  I did try with some tray bags, but the quality was awful - this is a work in progress to find a suitable alternative.

Our carrier bags are made from recycled paper.  Even changing the way that bags are made available, asking "Do you need a bag?" instead of "Would you like a bag?" is making a difference and causing people to think.  I do, however, get a number of people that are happy to take the bag just because it is recycled - this strikes me as going against the ethos, but I'm working on this too!

We are aware that there are still plenty of other improvements that can be made - It's a work in progress.  We're still looking for Yorkshire based chocolatiers to supply locally made chocolates to our customers.

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